whyafterwhy is the largest interview ever. So far we’ve had the chance to count with:

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The project has been conceptualized and designed by Anna Roura, and fully coded by Iago Barreiro.


whyafterwhy is a world tour driven through curiosity. Setting sail from Barcelona, we hope it will bring us to utterly unexpected places and let us discover new artistic gazes.

whyafterwhy is a limitless interview. We know how to start but not when, nor how, nor with whom we’ll finish. Happy accidents are always welcome.

Eagerness to learn and love for art are the unique drivers of this open and unpredictable project. Our goal is to keep it always experimental, always honest, and always pure. If through this journey we inspire and empower creative connections, then we’ll be truly grateful -and proud!- of that.

At the heart of the project is a website that is endlessly growing. However, the conversation continues on @whyafterwhy Instagram account and, hopefully, in the future, through other unplanned platforms.

We believe in the power of rethinking everything. We trust in unfinished conversations, overthought questions, impulsive answers. Random connections. We love each single dot that makes whyafterwhy possible.

Eternal gratefulness is what we genuinely feel when we know you have also joined this creative chain. <3


whyafterwhy magazine is where you’ll be able to more deeply know all the artists that have joined the conversation. Coming soon: